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Our automation & control solutions range from conceptual design to start-up and commissioning and include control system configuration & integration, safety control systems, remote instrument enclosures (RIEs) & panels enclosure and panels design and traditional automation & control services combined with advanced applications offerings and field construction services.

Automation & Control System Design

“Deltasoft” offers an independent approach to vendor selection and application. Our vendor-independent approach allows us to objectively assist in the selection process of the major controls in order to maximize operating efficiency and productivity. Also, as an engineering company, we have the internal knowledge and resources necessary to offer our clients turnkey solutions, from concept to commissioning and startup. Our extensive project management experience, paired with a structured implementation approach and early involvement in the project, can significantly reduce rework and associated costs later in the project.

Automation & Control Services

“Deltasoft” is one of the leading providers of automation & control services, including system engineering, specification, integration and implementation. Experience matters. We have built a reputation for innovation, quality and value through skillfully engineered automation & control systems to the upstream oil & gas as well as, water and wastewater, food and beverages and refining and chemical industries. We deliver projects to customer’s schedule, managing multiple and diverse technologies, automation, maintenance and business system integration and lifecycle costs.


Commissioning We in “Deltasoft” are fully aware that commissioning usually represents a critical stage in the life of a facility. Commissioning process may be considered as a series of vital checks undertaken before actual operation begins. Since the complete commissioning services play an important role in minimizing project risks and achieving performance goals from the very start, our job is to prove the integrity of all systems, identifying and correcting design and construction errors along the way. Our comprehensive approach helps our clients meet a host of challenges; regulatory, safety and environmental compliance; and naturally, operational performance. We in “Deltasoft” undertake complete responsibility for commissioning, whether we start in the engineering office, provide expertise in the fabrication yard or mobilize to a remote area.

Work on the field

System menagment

We ensure that your system is highly secure by utilizing the latest security technologies available.


The powerful capabilities of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) or human machine interface (HMI) have grown considerably in recent years. “Deltasoft's” team of SCADA programmers understands how to harness this power and functionality, so you’ll get the most comprehensive information about your system available. We can design to your standards and specifications. Furthermore, if you don’t yet have standards, we can help develop them. Our programmers will take the time to fully understand what your needs are, how to present your information in the most effective way possible, and how to make an intuitive and usable interface for your team. The goal is efficient management of your system, not creating an interface that is overly complex or visually distracting. We configure and prioritize alarms so that they’re presented to your operator in a logical way that makes sense based on the context. We are also highly competent in implementing data recording systems using historian systems.


Custody transfer metering skids, systems and solutions for oil, gas, petrol and chemical products “Deltasoft” is a leading regional manufacturer and provider of blending, injection and metering equipment for the oil and gas industry. “Deltasoft” has also experienced tremendous growth in providing custom fabricated systems in process industry applications. Our products are well known for their quality, reliability & accuracy. In addition to that, all our projects are specific, custom made solutions meeting both specifications and expectations of all our clients.

About us

Engineering contractor

We in “Deltasoft” understand that technical support applied to the automation component is both the road to success and the basic element of the long lasting successful marketing strategy. Since 2012., that has been our credo. We carefully study and comprehensively observe every single offer with additional, functional guarantees our clients need. Throughout the time, those guarantees were based on the knowledge and experience of our Principals and Partners, as well as on implementation of our experience. Great engineering practice, mutual understanding, knowledge and experience, lead us to the ultimate goal - a satisfied client! Guided by this philosophy, we have been acting as a company which increasingly strives towards consulting services in the area of Process Control Systems without neglecting our everyday business, representation and distribution. It was the way to start with projects of higher level complexity and wider scope of services, from conceptual design up to starting-up and running-in. Today, we consider ourselves predominantly as an engineering and contracting team. So, we offer, contract and tailor made solutions for process control systems or at least part of them, applying multidisciplinary engineering approach.

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